Bulilit with the bulilits

It was Iana’s (Dadi’s cute and not-so-little niece) 2nd birthday celebration last August 29. I spent the entire afternoon at their house with his family and close relatives. After our eating and chatting marathon, we decided to watch Rio with the kids.

i love iana's tutu skirt! *can i wear it, too? please? please?*

So, where is Dadi?


He could be the best babysitter in the whole world. Great.

Life is like ice cream

I’ve been so stressed out for the past weeks. I could only sleep for a few hours, my mind is always actively running, I’m breaking out so bad and I feel restless all the time. All along I thought I’ve already mastered the art of beating up stress. But, no. Thank God I have my Dadi, good friends, good food and ice cream. Yeah, ice cream!

This Sunday, I was in the office for the board exam’s review. I’m the Course Director for this year so I have to be there during Sundays. One of my closest friends back in college paid a visit, since we haven’t seen each other for almost a year now. The night before, her boyfriend for 6 (or 7 years), finally proposed to her during an org’s event. Too bad I missed that episode in her life. I remember that we started planning her wedding though her boyfriend (now her fiance), had not shown any sign that he would be proposing to her soon. Girls love to assume, right? Hahaha.

Me and Janette (who's showing off her engagement ring ^_^)

The ring
When we’re about to go home, we decided to “ambush” another super close friend of ours (who has been hibernating for quite some time) and asked/forced him to meet us and have ice cream near my house.

Three little pigs who love ice cream *oink*

The three of us had too much to talk about and we consumed lots of ice cream, pizza and cappuccino (not in the photo) without noticing it. It was still raining outside then due to typhoon Mina, but nothing could stop us from pigging out. We’re happy for Janette’s engagement, stressed out from work and other stuff and… crazy happy to see each other again.

My Guitars

2nd hand and refurbished Fernandes Nomads(US) / ZO3s(Japan). If you rotate them they look like elephants (hence the Japanese logo).

Yeah, I love doing simple repaints and restorations on beat up guitars. Some of these I rescued from surplus shops’ junk bins.

Nice Surprise

Mami and Dadi found their way to SM Masinag to watch Conan the Barbarian. Too bad they weren’t showing it there. We decided to look around instead.I bought an 801 Driptip for my Tank FX from VapeCo.

We also saw a Cars 2 promo using a real car, A Ninoy Tribute Exhibit, and Hello Kitty Eyeglasses at Executive Optical. Then we ate healthy at Bodhi.

As we were buying Iana’s birthday gift, we bumped into my old collegemates Jon and Abie. They treated us to coffee at Petite’s house.

Thanks for the One Piece and Naruto bandanas and instant Miso pasalubong guys! Have a safe trip back to Japan!


Pancakes at Pancake House Robinsons Metroeast last August 17, 2011.

What’s Inside OUR Kikay Kit?

I am a self-confessed kikay. If you know me, then you can certainly prove that I am. I can’t even trace back when and how it started. Maybe it’s an inborn trait.

I also like seeing my close friends and family updating and filling up their kits and make-up stash after seeking my advice. I’m definitely not a beauty guru and I’m not planning to be one. I just love spreading the good vibes, happiness and kikay-ness to everybody. Anyway, here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside my everyday kikay kit/lifesaver:

My kikay kit
1. Maybelline Mineral Pact Healthy Foundation
2. Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder
3. Gatsby Oil Control Film
4. Pocket mirror
5. Herbench Tickled Pink Lotion
6. Watsons Wet Tissue
7. Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer
8. Styli-style Flat Eyeliner
9. Lip Ice Sheer Lip Balm
10. Face Shop Jelly Gloss
11. Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick (Soft Azalea)
12. Etude House Cherry Lip Tint
13. Hello Kitty mini nail cutter
14. Rhea Cold Rub
15. Biogesic
16. Mediplast
17. Bath and Body Works Pocketbac Hand gel
18. Hair clips
19. Asting-o-sol Mouthwash
20. Ellana Mini Kabuki Brush

Dadi also has a kikay kit! Kikay kits are not only for girls, see?

Dadi’s Kikay Kit
1. Efficascent Oil Liniment
2. Contact lens solution
3. Astring-o-sol mouthwash
4. Lewis and Pearl Cologne
5. Scentstation mini-cologne
6. Biogesic and some generic meds
7. Mentopas
8. Travel toothbrush
9. Close-up toothpaste
10. Shaver
11. Cotton buds
12. Godiva lip balm
13. Nivea lip balm
14. Bench fix hair gel
15. Comb

I always raid his kikay kit whenever my eyes get really dry (I’m also wearing contact lenses), my back and legs hurt and my ear gets itchy and dirty. Hehe. Well, he is also welcome to get things from my kit. Let’s say, if he needs a lipstick or hair clip? XD

Art Circle’s Trigo Breads & Deli

Mami and Dadi’s favorite restaurant in UP Diliman.

Sisig, Chicken Schnitzel, Trigo Soup, Choco Hazelnut Cake

Great food. Friendly staff and chef. Quiet and relaxing place. What more can we ask for? A discount or “suki” (loyalty) card, perhaps?

The kuya waiter and lady chef also told us they are now offering catering services. Yay! We’re always asking them before about it in case that, you know, um, we want to avail their services in the future.  Months after our persistent inquiries, they’re ready to ‘feed’ 200 pax with their yummy yummy yummy food in an event sponsored by the Art Circle! Yay again!  But, they still don’t have a suki/loyalty/discount card. Hopefully, they will finally give in to our second request. *lol*


* Trigo is located at the Ang Bahay ng AlumniGF Magsaysay Ave. University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City. More reviews here.


Fried Mice

There’s a reason for everything.

I was too tired and sleepy to drive home so I slept on mami’s couch. I arrived home late.

As I was about to sleep, I heard loud pops. I turned on all the lights and made the rounds in and out of the house armed with a bottle thinking someone was tying to break in.

Nothing. I turned all the lights off. Then, the pops started again. I armed myself with a flashlight this time. In the dark I saw sparks near the fusebox.

As it turned out, a damn mouse crawling through a hole gnawed thru the electrical mains to the fusebox and electrocuted himself. The popping sound came from the sparks (yup, they sounded like loud farts). The sparks were frying the mouse and had started to fry the ceiling. Good thing I was awake. O_o

I had to pry the fried mouse from the hole and secure the wires with electrical tape for safety. An electrician will have to check it in the morning.

Had I arrived earlier I probably would have slept through it. Had I arrived later I may have pulled into the driveway of a burning house.

I could hear the news reporter interviewing me. Bakit po nasunog yung bahay nyo? May dagang na-electrocute e. O_o