Fried Mice

There’s a reason for everything.

I was too tired and sleepy to drive home so I slept on mami’s couch. I arrived home late.

As I was about to sleep, I heard loud pops. I turned on all the lights and made the rounds in and out of the house armed with a bottle thinking someone was tying to break in.

Nothing. I turned all the lights off. Then, the pops started again. I armed myself with a flashlight this time. In the dark I saw sparks near the fusebox.

As it turned out, a damn mouse crawling through a hole gnawed thru the electrical mains to the fusebox and electrocuted himself. The popping sound came from the sparks (yup, they sounded like loud farts). The sparks were frying the mouse and had started to fry the ceiling. Good thing I was awake. O_o

I had to pry the fried mouse from the hole and secure the wires with electrical tape for safety. An electrician will have to check it in the morning.

Had I arrived earlier I probably would have slept through it. Had I arrived later I may have pulled into the driveway of a burning house.

I could hear the news reporter interviewing me. Bakit po nasunog yung bahay nyo? May dagang na-electrocute e. O_o

One thought on “Fried Mice

  1. First of all: I HATE RODENTS! so kudos to you I wont even stare at it.
    Good thing you had a nap. You were awake enough to hear the electrocuted mice.

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