What’s Inside OUR Kikay Kit?

I am a self-confessed kikay. If you know me, then you can certainly prove that I am. I can’t even trace back when and how it started. Maybe it’s an inborn trait.

I also like seeing my close friends and family updating and filling up their kits and make-up stash after seeking my advice. I’m definitely not a beauty guru and I’m not planning to be one. I just love spreading the good vibes, happiness and kikay-ness to everybody. Anyway, here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside my everyday kikay kit/lifesaver:

My kikay kit
1. Maybelline Mineral Pact Healthy Foundation
2. Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder
3. Gatsby Oil Control Film
4. Pocket mirror
5. Herbench Tickled Pink Lotion
6. Watsons Wet Tissue
7. Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer
8. Styli-style Flat Eyeliner
9. Lip Ice Sheer Lip Balm
10. Face Shop Jelly Gloss
11. Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick (Soft Azalea)
12. Etude House Cherry Lip Tint
13. Hello Kitty mini nail cutter
14. Rhea Cold Rub
15. Biogesic
16. Mediplast
17. Bath and Body Works Pocketbac Hand gel
18. Hair clips
19. Asting-o-sol Mouthwash
20. Ellana Mini Kabuki Brush

Dadi also has a kikay kit! Kikay kits are not only for girls, see?

Dadi’s Kikay Kit
1. Efficascent Oil Liniment
2. Contact lens solution
3. Astring-o-sol mouthwash
4. Lewis and Pearl Cologne
5. Scentstation mini-cologne
6. Biogesic and some generic meds
7. Mentopas
8. Travel toothbrush
9. Close-up toothpaste
10. Shaver
11. Cotton buds
12. Godiva lip balm
13. Nivea lip balm
14. Bench fix hair gel
15. Comb

I always raid his kikay kit whenever my eyes get really dry (I’m also wearing contact lenses), my back and legs hurt and my ear gets itchy and dirty. Hehe. Well, he is also welcome to get things from my kit. Let’s say, if he needs a lipstick or hair clip? XD

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