Dreaming of Sleeping

It’s already past midnight and I’m still working.
Dadi (who is more tired than I am) is sleeping soundly on the couch and I have to wake him up in a bit so he can go and drive home.

Naiinggit ako.

The moment I turn my eyes away from my laptop’s screen, I’ll surely be dozing off.
I miss my bed…

…and I want these beds/bedrooms:

I need to get some sleep. Now.


 *photos from  theBerry


The evolution of my e-cigarettes.

From left to right, foreground 510 thread e-cig batteries: 1000mah Ego-T stainless passthrough with 510 Tank FX and anodized driptip, 1000mah Janty Ego (laptop skinned) with 510 LR and chrome straight driptip, 2 x 1000mah Janty Ego (laptop skinned) with 510 LR and black plastic driptip, and old 650mah Eastmall Riva (laptop skinned) with 510 LR and chrome straight driptip. Background 10 ml e-juices: Glycerine, Holy Smoke Menthol Low, Holy Smoke Bubblegum Low, Green Puff Menthol Med, Heaven’s Gifts menthol 11mg.

My regular 510s from last year are all dead.

My Tony Birch >:P

Since I couldn’t afford the real ones and I’m always on the look out for stylish and comfy shoes, I bought these two Tory Burch-ish flats.
(Shoot me for this)

*unplanned shoe purchase

Mabuhay ang Greenhills!

M: I dunno kung paano ko nakarating sa side na’to.
D: Saan ka?
M: Andito ko sa malapit sa bilihan ng shoes at nagbebenta ng fake designer bags.
D: Mami, dinescribe mo naman ang buong Greenhills e.

Oo nga naman.

Of Cats and Monkeys

I am not a fan of stuffed toys nor a cat lover, but this photo is an exception:

HK is love!

The biggest one was a surprise gift from “the guy who loves monkeys” right after my master’s thesis defense last March 25, 2010. He also gave me two other pink HK plushies. I hope there’ll be more to come. *wink*

Wanna see Igor’s babies sitting quietly inside his office?

Igor's babies at the Dean's office

I secretly took a picture of them when he wasn’t around. Hehehe.

Yeah, we’re really kids at heart. And that keeps us sane.

Have Blog, Will Love

I found my match. XD

This is all part of the balance that is the universe. Yin and Yang. He Said, She Said.

Good luck na lang sa amin.

Expect posts about tech, martial arts, skill toys, e-cigs, travel, food, etc.

Bahala na…. Si Bakulaw at si Bulilit.

Have Love, Will Blog

We are not the cheesiest couple in the world. However, we decided to put up this “conjugal” blog to share with all of you how happy and in love we are.

Now that’s cheesy. You can now start cringing and leave this blog.

Photo source:peasandcupcakes

Ok. Seriously, this blog is an online chronicle (um, more of an outlet) of two college professors, who are (trying to be) serious in front of their students and colleagues in the academe. We will share with you the things we love (and hate), various musings and random thoughts and blahs about…anything.

Come, read and waste your time with us.

Have love and fun! (^^,)