Sabi sa radyo dito daw sa amin sa south ang malakas na hangin. Sa Sangley Point, Cavite umabot daw sa 125kph ang hangin. Sa NAIA naman daw e 120kph. E kami nasa gitna ng dalawang areang yun. Halos doble yun ng hangin na 75kph na naranasan sa Quezon City. Ngayon lang ako naka-empathize sa mga binaha nun. Kaninang madaling arawΒ  e umabot hanggang leeg ang hangin dito sa amin, buti na lang may 2nd floor yung bahay ng kapatid ko at nakaaykat kami dun.

Swerte pa kami nun, yung kapitbahay namin sa baba ng kalye e umabot hanggang bubong ang hangin. Kinailangang umakyat sila sa tuktok ng bahay nila. Matagal bago sila na-rescue kasi kokonti ang rubber helicopters dito sa south. Inanod ng hangin ilan sa mga kagamitan namin.

Naawa nga ako sa isang kapit-bahay namin, sa kasagsagan ng lakas ng hangin e naka-kapit sya sa poste humulagpos sa pagkakahawak nya yung tuta nila. Nagkatinginan sila at nakapalahaw ng “AWWWwwOOoooo!” na malakas yung tuta bago dumulas ang grip nya at inanod sa hangin. Napasigaw na lang sya ng “Damocles!” (← pangalan nung tuta) habang papalayo na yung tuta.


(from an old blog post of mine)

A Shoe Tale

I love shoes. It’s a bit of an understatement, but I really do looove and adore shoes. So, I got thrilled when Dadi told me that we’d go to the mall and look for a new pair of shoes for himself.Β  His ever beloved pair of black shoes from W. Brown, which we got a year ago, had finally given up and retired. In my thought bubble: Dadi wants to go shopping for his shoes? New shoes for him! Yay! Exciting! Unfortunately, he didn’t like any of the ones we saw at SM Masinag Department Store, so we decided to go to Payless and here’s what we got:
For myself. Sorry, I can’t help it. I love shiny and sparkly stuff. Plus, the sales attendant was so nice, convincing and cute. Hehe.

Shining, shimmering splendid shoes

And for Dadi… Ladies and gentlemen….
*insert drum roll sound here*

Furry shoes a.k.a. Frodo shoes

You see the soft, furry interior? He loves this pair. In fact, we first saw this at Payless, Trinoma many months ago and he fell in love at first sight with it. He just didn’t have the courage to buy it because I was laughing, teasing and calling him “Frodo”. When we saw this again, the fashion police in me did not object anymore. How could I say no to a smiling Dadi,Β  walking comfortably along the aisle wearing this pair of furry shoes. This must be destiny, and he and the shoes are meant for each other, so I let them be. πŸ˜€

While waiting, I saw an elderly guy (in his late 50’s or 60’s) who also bought the same furry shoes. Oh well. πŸ™‚

Pretty Preggy Momma

Ma’am Nats a.k.a. Krungkie (as I fondly call her) is one of my closest girl friends. She’s also a former professor of mine back in college and eventually became a colleague when I started teaching in 2006. We’ve shared a lot of secrets, crazy and hilarious moments together and most of them are nakakasira ng dangal at reputasyon. πŸ˜€ She moved to Doha, Qatar last May to join her husband and 4 months later, she surprised us (with a baby in her tummy) and came back to Manila for a visit. She asked us to meet her up at Banapple, Katipunan.

Nathalie, Me, Rhea and Andie (Rhea's cutie patootsie daughter)

Nats looks so healthy, glowing and happy! Ninang Iyra is excited to see her next inaanak. πŸ™‚
Thanks to Rhea dear for this photo via Instagram. πŸ™‚


JPL 2011

The Golden Anniversary issue of Journal of Philippine Librarianship (JPL) has to be published this coming December, no matter what! *goal setting*

As a first time JPL editor, I’m looking forward to see the output and finally finish harassing the contributors and peer reviewers (in a very, very sweet and subtle way) about their articles and deadlines, so I can be done with the journal’s layout. Can’t wait to see this “baby”!Β  πŸ˜›

To see the previous issues of JPL and other UP Diliman journal publications, you may visit UP Diliman Journals Online

Family, Food and Freebies

Last night, we decided to have dinner at Johnny Rockets (The Home of the Dancing Servers) in Eastwood, Libis. The restaurant really lives up to its name as the servers are dancing every 30-40 minutes. They would all stop whatever they’re doing, whether they’re in the kitchen or serving their customers, and then would start dancing to retro music.

We also got these freebies. Oh, God knows how I love freebies and discounts, so I am always delighted whenever I hear, “Ma’am may free po kayo na…” Yay! Simple pleasures.

Johnny Rockets shopping bags and vapur – the anti-bottle water bottle (cool, right?)

It’s September!

The -Ber months season is officially on. I love Christmas and I always get excited when the calendar folds to the month of September. Since I am a big anti-Grinch, I wore something Christmas-y last September 1.
And my inspiration?
Photo source: Candywarehouse

Hello, Candy Cane girl! Hello, Christmas! πŸ˜€

Holiday at iClams and Cafe Lidia

It was supposedly a long weekend last August 27-30. But for the busy bees, long weekends, holidays and rest days are not in their vocabulary… yet. Wait until this semester ends, and I will get the much needed sleep and beauty rest that I deserve. Let’s see if this will happen. *fingers crossed*

Last August 29 and 30, the International Conference on Libraries, Archives and Museums Services was held at the College of St. Benilde International Conference Center, Manila. It was attended by library, museum and archives practitioners, teachers and other professionals coming from different parts of the Philippines. The resource speakers were from the Philippines and other countries, such as India, Thailand and United Kingdom. Dadi and I were invited as resource speakers on the second day of the conference. I delivered a paper about the preservation of postwar local government archives and records, while Dadi talked about Library and Information Science education and teaching and classroom management.

We were just in time for lunch when we arrived. Talk about perfect timing, eh? I don’t usually eat that much whenever I have a speaking engagement for the fear of burping while in front of my audience. But the happy foodie that I am still managed to stuff these in my tummy.


Too bad, I forgot to bring my camera. Thanks to my uber-low-picture-quality-phone, Nokia c3 for capturing these moments.

Mami, Dadi and Mami in formal attire, participants, our certificates of appreciation

After iClams, we went back to my home base, Marikina aking hirang, to meet up with my best friends.Β  Since we all couldn’t enjoy the long holiday because of work (work during holidays is no fun), we decided to try Cafe Lidia in Calumpang and we stayed there for like more than 3 hours? The laughter and chitchats were indeed never ending if you’re with your best friends.

My best friends since highschool (L-R) RG, Jefel, Me, Alvin

We don't look tired at all! see? πŸ˜›

We also saw Dadi’s friends again. Let’s all sing, “it’s a small world after all….”

with Abbie (the balikbayan from Japan)

And of course, the menu and food…

Pizza Papa (Nice name, huh? There's also Pizza Mama. No kidding.), Chicken pesto, Pasta in white mushroom sauce and bacon, Pork steak

Yummeeeh! Will definitely go back and try all their food and desserts. It’s really nice that we gave Cafe Lidia a try. I’m one happy (and burping) little girl!

Thanks to Mama Jefel for the photos. πŸ™‚


Back in the early days of P3, Vince Valvolene was known as Ryan Rev-X. When he was still known as Ryan Rev-X, he once had an interview with Rafael Anthony Saguid of MusicMagSource.com. What follows is the said interview which happened last December 22, 2004.

Rafael Saguid (MusicMagSource): Good Afternoon, Ryan.
Ryan Rev-X (Ryan): Yes.
MusicMagSource: Tell us something about P3 and your music.
Ryan: Yes, we sing.
MusicMagSource: No, I mean, who are the influences of your group? Who inspired you to make music?
Ryan: Well, you see, sometimes we jam. We actually know each other way back in high school even though we didn’t know who was who then. And then we met. How about you?
MusicMagSource: NO! NO! LEt’s just go to another question. What can you say about the critics who badmouth your music saying your group is just a flash in the pan?
Ryan: Yes, we get bothered by that. Especially when the audience member, his name is Manny we are told, he’s always in our all our shows. There are times when he brings a camera and it bothers us when he takes pictures.
MusicMagSource: I mean what can you say about the comments critics say that your music promotes teenage pregnancy?
Ryan: Yes, but among adults only. We are all pre-marital of age.
MusicMagSource: NO! What’s your vision for the group?
Ryan: I want to be pure.
MusicMagSource: I MEAN, do you have any plans?
Ryan: Yes, we are P3.

At this point things got ugly. Unable to control himself, Rafael Saguid, in a fit of rage, violently rushed Ryan Rev-X and repeatedly pummeled him. When the P3 security force of one, together with Mama Cherry, came in the room after a couple of minutes, Ryan was beaten so badly nearly to death which he did not enjoy. That was weird since Ryan was known to be the most masochistic of the P3. Rafael Anthony Saguid was found guilty of reckless imprudence resulting in major injuries. He was subsequently extradited to Jamaica (which is weird since the Philippines doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Jamaica and Saguid isn’t Jamaican).

The experience was so traumatic that Ryan Rev-X clammed up and went into a deep depression. The only person who could get him out of his shell was the then sexy starlet Ramona Revilla. With counseling from Revilla, Ryan Rev-X changed his name and was now ready to face the world as the dashing VINCE VALVOLENE!

(repost of an old 2006-02-22 entry from an old blog of mine)