Back in the early days of P3, Vince Valvolene was known as Ryan Rev-X. When he was still known as Ryan Rev-X, he once had an interview with Rafael Anthony Saguid of What follows is the said interview which happened last December 22, 2004.

Rafael Saguid (MusicMagSource): Good Afternoon, Ryan.
Ryan Rev-X (Ryan): Yes.
MusicMagSource: Tell us something about P3 and your music.
Ryan: Yes, we sing.
MusicMagSource: No, I mean, who are the influences of your group? Who inspired you to make music?
Ryan: Well, you see, sometimes we jam. We actually know each other way back in high school even though we didn’t know who was who then. And then we met. How about you?
MusicMagSource: NO! NO! LEt’s just go to another question. What can you say about the critics who badmouth your music saying your group is just a flash in the pan?
Ryan: Yes, we get bothered by that. Especially when the audience member, his name is Manny we are told, he’s always in our all our shows. There are times when he brings a camera and it bothers us when he takes pictures.
MusicMagSource: I mean what can you say about the comments critics say that your music promotes teenage pregnancy?
Ryan: Yes, but among adults only. We are all pre-marital of age.
MusicMagSource: NO! What’s your vision for the group?
Ryan: I want to be pure.
MusicMagSource: I MEAN, do you have any plans?
Ryan: Yes, we are P3.

At this point things got ugly. Unable to control himself, Rafael Saguid, in a fit of rage, violently rushed Ryan Rev-X and repeatedly pummeled him. When the P3 security force of one, together with Mama Cherry, came in the room after a couple of minutes, Ryan was beaten so badly nearly to death which he did not enjoy. That was weird since Ryan was known to be the most masochistic of the P3. Rafael Anthony Saguid was found guilty of reckless imprudence resulting in major injuries. He was subsequently extradited to Jamaica (which is weird since the Philippines doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Jamaica and Saguid isn’t Jamaican).

The experience was so traumatic that Ryan Rev-X clammed up and went into a deep depression. The only person who could get him out of his shell was the then sexy starlet Ramona Revilla. With counseling from Revilla, Ryan Rev-X changed his name and was now ready to face the world as the dashing VINCE VALVOLENE!

(repost of an old 2006-02-22 entry from an old blog of mine)

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