My Beautiful Me: MBM Skin Bar

I didn’t know that my dermatologist, Dr. Michelle Manuel, has already put up a kiosk selling skin products at Sta. Lucia East Grandmall, Cainta (which is a bit close to my house). I just bumped into Gale‘s blog post about it. Hello, Nurse Gale! I haven’t seen you for a long time already. Miss you na! 🙂
Read it here: MBM Skin Bar

And by the way, I love our new blog header. So Christmas! Hehehee. Thanks, Dadi! 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Beautiful Me: MBM Skin Bar

  1. Hi Iyra!! How are you? I hope we can meet and chat soon… I miss talking to you and seeing your lovely outfits… How’s your skin na pala? Getting better? I am thinking of undergoing her new technology procedure, the derma stamp for my deep scars since I read it’s better for those kind of scars than DR since it has a machine ^_^

    Yup, Dra Mich formulated majority of the items on the kiosk…Lucky for you it’s very near your place so you don’t need to go to the Visayas clinic for skin care products na…unless of course they are specially formulated for you (just like me who she always have to change the formulation of the meds hehe) ^_^

    • Hello, Gale! Eto, my skin is uber arte and sensitive pa rin. Hehe.
      I’ll try to visit this kiosk soon. The products look promising and they have make-ups, too! 🙂

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