B&B meet C&D

Dadi and I are silent rushers for years already (I started listening to The Morning Rush when I was in high school…that’s more than a decade ago!), and this is one of the gazillion things we have in common.  Talk about being compatible, huh? Great minds think alike. Birds of the same feather are same birds. Really. Korni ko. 😀

So, when the The Best of Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10 book was released, we bought our copies and even went to the first book launching and signing at Robinson’s Galleria last January 28, 2012. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the cut off. Fortunately, there’s another book signing at National Bookstore, Trinoma last February 4. Registration was said to start at 11 AM, so we were there at 10:08 AM, thinking that we would be the earliest to fall in line. But lo and behold, we were No. 108 and No. 109.

Look at that pila!

We also saw one of our students there!

Hello, Hazel! May bonus points ka daw from the Dean. :))

And we gave Chico and Delle these:

From Chico’s Instagram. He thanked us for these via Twitter. Sweet. 🙂

Finally! 🙂

B&B and C&D!

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