Bee Happy Leap Year 2012!

I was sick and my cough was really bad so I didn’t go to UP and just worked from home. After office, Dadi dropped by and brought me Jolly Hotdog! FYI, I so love Jolly Hotdog. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the actual Jolly Hotdog, naubos na kasi agad. Hehe.
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He told me that he wanted to spend Feb, 29 with me, since this only happens every 4 years. Sweet.

And I told him that though it’s traditionally acceptable for women to propose marriage to men on a leap year, I wouldn’t do that because I wasn’t prepared. I asked him to wait until 2016. hehehee. 😀

Thanks, Dadi for making our leap year simply memorable. ‘Till our next leap year! You know what to tell our future kid(s) what we did last leap year, ok?  LOL. 🙂

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