Step 6: Say Hello to McRon! :)

Meet Ron de Torres 🙂

Ron: O, bawal ka na tumaba ha? (*gulp* pressure?)

I saw some of his creations including this:

This was supposedly Mahal's gown which she didn't claim. Hindi raw kasi natuloy ang wedding nila ni Jimboy. Char. Hehe. 😀


3 thoughts on “Step 6: Say Hello to McRon! :)

    • I’ll do both, if:
      (a) someone will volunteer to give us a free trash-the-dress post nup shoot
      (b) East Asia Innovations, Inc. or any archives supplier can give me a big discount for an extra-large and customized acid-free box with silica gel


      But most likely, I will preserve it…maybe in an airtight plastic bin with desiccant? 😀

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