DIY: Brooch Bouquet (Part 1)

My initial attempt to create a white-gold-silver brooch bouquet.

Materials used: (lots of)brooches, wire (preferably gold or use just one color), pliers and steady hands (hehe :D)

I also tried to make a sample fabric flower made of satin.

Materials used: satin (70 pesos/yard at Fabric Warehouse), cartons for patterns, pair of scissors, needle and thread, buttons or any embellishment, and patience (hehe :D)

Finished product

I just dunno if I’ll continue making fabric flowers or I’ll just make use of the ready-made plastic ones as fillers. Hmmm…

Post-Birthday Gift

Here’s my post-birthday gift from Dadi after 2 months— Olympus digital camera to replace my old Canon Ixus 70. It’s really a choice between netbook and digital camera. He wanted to give me a netbook that I could bring along for work and out-of-town talks/lectures, instead of bringing my 4-year-old 12-inch Compaq laptop (with dysfunctional battery) all the time. However, with that I could smell gastos on his part and now isn’t a good time for additional expenditures. Wedding preps are draining our wallets already, so I asked him not to buy a netbook anymore.  Next time na lang. Hehe.
Thank you, Dadi! Ab ab ab! :*

Our Preciouses

We finally got the rings from Mayfair! Thanks to Mom who sprung for them, it’s her gift to us (love ya mommy) XD.

We had them engraved with our names too, took just a couple of minutes. We passed by Salazar Bakery and Eng Bee Tin for stuff to take home. Then we ate mami and siopao at Masuki Restaurant along Benavidez St. nearby.

Jeez, they ran out of giant siopaos early, we had to wait for the second batch of paos to arrive and had to settle for a small regular asado pao.

The new giant paos arrived as we were nearly done. Sayang!


We also passed by Dongnaya Mini Mart for pasalubong.

We dared go to Tutuban for DIY supplies. We needed paper tape, brooches, flowers, nylon string, beads, cords, etc. We found them at Michelle’s.

Then we made like the law and settled for a round of coffee and donuts at Dunkin.

Timezone and Crepes at Trinoma

Step 9: Ongpin for Rings

We went to Ongpin St.
We saw some cats.
We canvassed for wedding rings.
We ate mami and siopao, and bought pasalubong hopia at Chuankee / Cafe Mezzanine / Eng Bee Tin.
Shiny! We then made a downpayment on made-to-order (size) rings at Mayfair.
Our simple rings will look like these. We’ll have to return for them next week.

By the way, what they say about the Sta. Cruz Church-side and Binondo Church-side shops are probably true. The rings from the Sta. Cruz Church-side are (thinner, lighter and) cheaper… BUT! The ones they showed us were quite rough in quality. One ring even popped out its stone as the storekeeper brought it out from under the counter. Be careful of the hard-sell techniques, you might end up paying for something you might not want in the long run. The rings from the Binondo Church-side are pricier but seem to be (heavier, thicker and) of better quality. Other than Mayfair, we found Ms. Jean Ong of Enchanted Gift Shop (across Chinabank) and the shop owner of Gold Mine Jewelry quite helpful and easy to talk to. They just didn’t have the particular design or the sizes we wanted.

I slipped and sprained my ankle near the bridge, though.
Huhuhu. But it was all worth it.

DIY: Ring and Arrhae Bed

Materials Used: Fake grass and moss, cardboard covered with green felt paper, fake flowers and asters, small treasure chest

For this project, we spent around 200 pesos per bed. We bought the square grass for 50 pesos and treasure chests for 125 pesos each, only to find out that the exact treasure chest is only 35 pesos in Tabora. Aargh! Lesson learned: don’t rush into buying things when you know you have a scheduled trip to Divisoria Wonderland.

DIY: Boutonniere

My sister also made the boutonnieres for the principal sponsors and parents in lieu of fresh flowers for corsage. Ganun siya ka-sipag at ka-gigil mag-DIY. 😀 We also don’t like the graduation-ish corsage we often see on weddings that would eventually wilt before the wedding ends.

Materials Used: gold leaf and butterfly brooches with pearls, tiny leaves, nameless grass, our dear 16-year-old glue gun (Estimated cost per boutonneire: 30-35 pesos)

Sorry for the blurry photos. But they look prettier and more expensive (heheh) sa tunay na buhay. Promise. 😀