Dadi’s 40th! (Better Late than Later Post)

Dadi celebrated his 40th birthday last July 31, 2012. We surprised him with a children’s party-themed lunch at the faculty room. Before the surprise party, I had to act as if I was mad at him so that I could divert his attention. Obviously, he got so stressed and his blood pressure seemed to shoot up a bit. Hehe. Little did he know, I and my co-faculty and staff had already planned something for him, and I even managed to buy some stuff for his own party while I was with him. I’m a ninja!

Dadi and the Best Actress Ninja

Monkey cake and cupcakes

And a children’s party won’t of course be complete without….



Thanks so much to those who helped and made Dadi’s day extra special. I know, gusto na niyang umiyak nagpigil lang ‘yan. Char. 😀

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