DIY: Ring and Arrhae Bed

Materials Used: Fake grass and moss, cardboard covered with green felt paper, fake flowers and asters, small treasure chest

For this project, we spent around 200 pesos per bed. We bought the square grass for 50 pesos and treasure chests for 125 pesos each, only to find out that the exact treasure chest is only 35 pesos in Tabora. Aargh! Lesson learned: don’t rush into buying things when you know you have a scheduled trip to Divisoria Wonderland.

4 thoughts on “DIY: Ring and Arrhae Bed

  1. Actually maraming stores meron nung chest. The first few stores we saw when we entered Tabora there were already quite a couple of stalls with different chests.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to ask where in Divisoria did you find the artificial grass and do you know if they sell artificial outdoor grass? I plan on building myself a putting green. 🙂

    • There are shops along Tabora St. in Divisoria which sell plastic flowers. I think they have some there.
      The grass of the beds here, however, we got from the plastic flowers section of Sta. Lucia East Mall.

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