Step 9: Ongpin for Rings

We went to Ongpin St.
We saw some cats.
We canvassed for wedding rings.
We ate mami and siopao, and bought pasalubong hopia at Chuankee / Cafe Mezzanine / Eng Bee Tin.
Shiny! We then made a downpayment on made-to-order (size) rings at Mayfair.
Our simple rings will look like these. We’ll have to return for them next week.

By the way, what they say about the Sta. Cruz Church-side and Binondo Church-side shops are probably true. The rings from the Sta. Cruz Church-side are (thinner, lighter and) cheaper… BUT! The ones they showed us were quite rough in quality. One ring even popped out its stone as the storekeeper brought it out from under the counter. Be careful of the hard-sell techniques, you might end up paying for something you might not want in the long run. The rings from the Binondo Church-side are pricier but seem to be (heavier, thicker and) of better quality. Other than Mayfair, we found Ms. Jean Ong of Enchanted Gift Shop (across Chinabank) and the shop owner of Gold Mine Jewelry quite helpful and easy to talk to. They just didn’t have the particular design or the sizes we wanted.

I slipped and sprained my ankle near the bridge, though.
Huhuhu. But it was all worth it.

35 thoughts on “Step 9: Ongpin for Rings

  1. hi po! we’ll be planning to go to Ongpin and you said you got yours in Mayfair… may I ask how much are their price ranges? yours were pretty 🙂 I say ty po goldsmith in your calling cards… did you go there as well? How come you chose Mayfair among others? I would really appreciate if you could assist me with my inquiry. Thanks! ^^

  2. Hi, Igor here. Actually the decision regarding the rings was more on the design, secondary were the karats and the price. We wanted something to match Iyra’s old-style engagement ring (courtesy of my mom). So talagang sinuyod namin designs sa mga stores. Yung price naman daw pwedeng pag-usapan. By our experience as said above, the price would fluctuate depending on the design that we liked, the karats involved, how much gold costs at the time of the inquiry, number of stones / diamonds and the size of the ring fingers. (Lugi kasi malaki ring finger size ko XD) Based on those variables we were able to get quotes from 5-8k, 10-15k, and even as high as 35-70k. We narrowed it down to the 8-15k range because of our budget. The 5k ones at the Sta. Cruz side looked tempting and sparkly but quality-wise we were doubtful. Mayfair had the design and customization options we wanted. 😀 Hope that helps.

    • Hi Ms. Josa. It was the Enchanted Gift Shop owner who we met, Ms. Jean Agnes Ong. Their phones, according to their calling card, are: 733-3086 and 302-3086. Sadly the contact number we had for Mayfair was on a calling card pinned on our corkboard decor during the wedding and it seems that someone took it. >_< Anyway actually mas madaling pumunta at makipagusap dun sa Mayfair mismo kesa tumawag, di nila masagot phone madalas e.

  3. Hi po. Pwedeng malaman kung san malapit ung mayfair?? Ang gulo po kasi ng mga ibang directions sa net eh. Was it near binondo church po?? Planning to get our wedding rings there. Okay din kaya ung ndi made to order?? Thanks alot. 🙂

  4. Hi Ma’am. Medyo magulo nga po kasi dalawa yung store ng Mayfair. But they’re just across each other on the same road. Malapit lang sya sa Binondo Church side, lampas ng Eng Bee Tin / Chuankee and Arch of Solidarity (if memory serves me right). Pag umabot ka na ng Ongpin Jewelry Center / China City Gold Center / Chinatown Gold Center at Arch of Goodwill sa Sta Cruz Church side lampas na yun. Okay rin yung stock rings nila, made to order yung amin kasi malaki daliri ko at maliit daliri ni Mami, walang stock. :p

    • Hi, KC!

      Not sure if they are. When we first got there, it was a Holiday (Monday) pero open ang Mayfair ng after lunch. Then we went back the following week (Monday, too) to pick up the rings. Just to be sure, go there ng weekdays or Sat. 🙂

  5. Hello po, baka nman po my idea kayo kung how much po mga engagement rings sa ongpin? para alam ko po kung mgkano ipreprepare ko pong budget…


    • Am not sure po pero baka within 5-10k range for individual ring din siguro (didn’t get the chance to shop for Mami’s ring since my mom said she’d want to hand down an heirloom). Still depends on karat and design and size methinks.

  6. We are getting married and we are also searching for wedding rings. The only shop I know is Helen’s located also in Binondo. I am doubtful of the other shops in Binondo because the quality may not be good. Thank you for sharing what you know. At least know we have options other than Helen’s. 🙂

    • Sorry for the late reply, work finally caught up with us. If we remember correctly some of the shops (the big major ones) do accept cards. Some even have layaway plans.

    • It would depend on the design, size and thickness. Also it would depend on the shop and your haggling skills as well. I would think that it would be cheaper since it’s 14k, plain and small ring size (probably below 10k or 7k? maybe even 5k)

  7. Hi, we are getting married din. Nung sinabi ng soon to be mom inlaw ko, n sa ongpin bumili ng wedding, natakot ako baka fake nman ang mabili namin. Panu b malalaman kung tunay n gold ung mga rings?..

    • Hi, just be sure that you buy from legit sellers. And if the price is unbelievably low, then it’s a sign. Just to give you an idea, we bought ours for 15thousand for a pair (white gold, 14k) back in 2012. So kapag mas mura pa diyan, medyo nakakaduda na. 🙂

      • Hi Igor! Would like to ask lang din sana kung magkano nagrarange ung mga wedding sa Mayfair, ung two toned or other. We’re planning din kasi to visit Ongpin. Thank you & God bless 🙂

        • Hello, Sheiy.

          It would really depend on the style, size and amount of gold/karat. Just to give you some rough estimate, ours were 14karat white gold and we got them for 15k back in 2012. You can negotiate with them kasi usually they will initially give you the pricier ones like 20-30k for a pair. 🙂

  8. Hi,

    May I ask how is the ring you bought from May Fair?
    Ok naman ba sya after several months/years?

    Thanks for the feedback

  9. Hi Ma’am,

    Ask ko lang yung binili nyo pong wedding ring eh pair na ba yun? Tas 14k lang? Kasi mas mura talaga sa Ongpin kaso di naman ako marunong tumingin ng fake or orig na gold.. Sa mall ksi medyo pricey na din.. Favor na din po pakisend na din po yung number ng Mayfair at ng Enchanted kasi medyo pixelated yung photo ng calling card.. We’re planning to get married next january 2016 kaya naghahanap na ko ng mas murang wedding ring..

    Maraming Salamat po

  10. Hi po i just want to ask po if authentic yung nabili nyng ring kasi dami ko pong nabasa na article and sabi nila fake daw po ang karamihan ng jewelry sa Ongpin. Thanks po

  11. @zaji731
    Yup, after 3 years they still look nice. Due for cleaning and tubog probably but still nice.

    @Dyash and @Glenda
    Sorry, no idea, it’s been 3 years.

    No po.

    @John Eric
    Sorry for the late reply. Happy wedding.

    From what we experienced the Sta Cruz Church side had dubious and flimsy products, the Binondo Church side had better products. We got ours from the Binondo side.

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