DIY: Flower Wands and Bouquets

The best thing that happened during Habagat — getting stuck at home due to heavy rains and floods in Marikina and nearby areas, hence, ‘quality’ time for DIYs!

Here are our DIY products:

Flower wands for Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids and Secondary Sponsors

Materials used: Pomander Ball Flowers, White Asters, Butterflies (all fake, of course), and our dear 16-year-old gluegun. 😀

Tadaaaa! Mukhang tunay, di ba? (Estimated cost per flower wand -- 150 pesos)

Bouquets for Principal Sponsors and Dadi’s Sister

Woodland-inspired bouquet and my sister/bridesmaid/creative and technical assistant/slave 😀

woodland-inspired bouquet for ninangs

Materials used: roots/twigs, white flowers, some nameless grass, butterflies (all fake). (Estimated cost per bouquet: 50 pesos each)

woodland-inspired bouquet with pearls for Dadi's sister

Flower Fairy Wands for My 2 Flower Girls (Jacq and Jill)

Materials Used: Yellow Flower, Big Green Butterfly, Asters (all fake). (Estimated cost per wand: around 25-30 pesos. Pinitas lang namin yun big yellow flower from my nanay's flower vase at home hehe. Di naman niya nahalata.)

More DIYs to follow! I’m getting really hooked! 😀

Wedding Coordinators (for free!!!) — Check!

Met up with our wedding coordinators, my sisses from Girltalk (Female Network) Cheryl (czy) and Ela (elarose) at SM Sucat yesterday, August 11. These girls offered us free OTD coordination since they’re still on the initial stage of being wedding coordinators and they need more experience. We’ll be one of their first clients/guinea pigs! Exciting! 😀

czy, elarose, and kikay

Looking forward to our next meeting! I and my h2b were happy that we’ve finally met you. ‘Till our next chickahan, tawanan and kakikayan! 🙂

DIY Supplies from Divisoria (Part 1)

I forgot the exact price of each, but the butterflies are 84 pesos/set of 12.

Tabora St. is the place to be! 😀

free spirits

Met up with veil sponsors John and Abie at America’s Steaks and Figaro in Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall for cloth and dress details. Little did we know that the waters were rising outside.


Dadi’s 40th! (Better Late than Later Post)

Dadi celebrated his 40th birthday last July 31, 2012. We surprised him with a children’s party-themed lunch at the faculty room. Before the surprise party, I had to act as if I was mad at him so that I could divert his attention. Obviously, he got so stressed and his blood pressure seemed to shoot up a bit. Hehe. Little did he know, I and my co-faculty and staff had already planned something for him, and I even managed to buy some stuff for his own party while I was with him. I’m a ninja!

Dadi and the Best Actress Ninja

Monkey cake and cupcakes

And a children’s party won’t of course be complete without….



Thanks so much to those who helped and made Dadi’s day extra special. I know, gusto na niyang umiyak nagpigil lang ‘yan. Char. 😀

First Divi Journey

We went to Tabora St. of Divisoria last 04 August 2012 on a rainy day for DIY supplies with Janine. Ate mami noodles and budget meals for lunch at H.H. Restaurant at Divi Mall. Yum! Pagod. :p

Mami and Janine left me at the mall with the morning’s loot for another round in the afternoon. Tsaka later they would realize na mas madaling tumawad at gamitin ang charm pag wala ako. Go figure. O_o

Some pics below (11, 16 and 17) from Janine’s fone.