Step 11: First Gown Fitting

I had my first fitting last September 1. Lining at petticoat pa lang, tuwa na ako! Heheh. 😀

Ron: O, hindi naman pala sumikip. Tama lang.
Iyra: Whew! (nakahinga ng maluwag)

My gown’s buntot daw will be a bit longer and my petticoat a bit fluffier and heavier.

2 thoughts on “Step 11: First Gown Fitting

  1. gurl, musta nman po ang budget mo dyan sa gown mo? pwede po ba sumingit dyan? hehehe… 12-12-12 po me e, ^_^
    buti nakita kita sa FN thread

    • It’s 16k. I can give you his contact details so you can ask him if he can still make your gown. Where are you from? His house/shop is in Pasig. 🙂

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