Step 13: 2nd Gown Fitting

Had my second fitting at Ron’s.

May itsura na siyaaaaa! 😀

Ron already took Dadi’s measurements for his costume…err… barong and pants.
And for some weird reason, while Ron was measuring him, we started talking about the movie “The Mistress.” Maybe we were all reminded by the scene where Bea was taking John Lloyd’s measurements. Hehe. O sige, kayo na si Bea at JLC. LOL! 😀

Just in time for the Halloween.

2 thoughts on “Step 13: 2nd Gown Fitting

  1. Hey guys!

    I’m preparing my wedding. And I’m soooo excited. 6 months to go.

    I was thinking of trying wedding gowns on, but you know the taboo here in the Philippines.

    And seeing this was a confirmation that when you try ur dress on. Nothing bad happens. 🙂

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