This is already my 4th semester as a PhD student. Time flies so fast when you’re really busy thinking, writing, reading, and reading, writing, and thinking.

I had my confirmation exam (or more commonly known as dissertation proposal defense) and got grilled by a panel of examiners last Monday, Jan. 25. It was a nerve wracking ordeal that I had to go through at 9:30 AM – and I’m not a morning person! My brain cells weren’t working yet at that time.

Thankfully, I passed. The examiners thought that my research was really a good one, despite mine being qualitative in the sea of highly quantitative research projects. One even commented that there should be more studies like this.

12573061_10153210068957062_6175475669722115073_nSee? Confidently beautiful with a heart. LOL.

And now, the other half of my PhD life is about to take place. I am now a confirmed PhD candidate! Confiiiiiiiirmed! Hehe.

MamiDadi’s Three Years to Forever! (Late post)

Celebrated our third year as Mr. and Mrs. C at Subic Mangrove. We’ve made an agreement to always travel as we celebrate our anniversary. In our first anniversary, we went back to our hotel where we had our wedding preps and first night together, Parque Espana, and in our second anniversary, we went to Bohol. For our fourth anniversary, we’re planning to go to El Nido, Palawan (but this will still largely depend on our budget. hehe.)

2016-01-03 15.40.21 2016-01-03 10.38.50 2016-01-03 20.23.05Yup, merong #forever. Just believe and pray. 🙂
Love, love, love! <3