This is already my 4th semester as a PhD student. Time flies so fast when you’re really busy thinking, writing, reading, and reading, writing, and thinking.

I had my confirmation exam (or more commonly known as dissertation proposal defense) and got grilled by a panel of examiners last Monday, Jan. 25. It was a nerve wracking ordeal that I had to go through at 9:30 AM – and I’m not a morning person! My brain cells weren’t working yet at that time.

Thankfully, I passed. The examiners thought that my research was really a good one, despite mine being qualitative in the sea of highly quantitative research projects. One even commented that there should be more studies like this.

12573061_10153210068957062_6175475669722115073_nSee? Confidently beautiful with a heart. LOL.

And now, the other half of my PhD life is about to take place. I am now a confirmed PhD candidate! Confiiiiiiiirmed! Hehe.

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