Step 12: Measurements

Spent the last two weekends taking the entourage’s measurements at Gina Bruce’s shop in Marikina.

(1st photo) Maid of honor, my kuya
(2nd photo) flower girl Iana, Dadi’s sister and mom.

Zci, the Bible Bearer

Flower girls Erin and Andie

Fabric swatches.
We chose pastel pink, orange, green, yellow and lavender.
Makulay ang buhay! 😀

And look who we saw while everyone was busy…

Buddy Zabala of E-heads/The Dawn!
Dadi and Buddy were college batchmates and barkada in UP. Small world, isn’t it? At shempre, na-starstruck ako! 😀

We did the measurements by batch because Gina Bruce’s shop was too small and crowded. We also had a bit of foodtrip every after a batch was done.

Flower girls Jacq and Jill, and their giant burger at Mama Chit’s

With flower girl Iana at Krung Thai

With the Happy Family (Rhea, Andie, and Nap) at Krung Thai

Flower girls and their supportive parents 🙂
Thank you so much, Rhea, Nap, Kate and Sherwin!