DIY: Wedding Cord

Back to DIY mode again! 🙂 This time, it’s our wedding cord!

I originally wanted to have a wedding cord made of pearls and crystals, but my friend Janette (who recently got married) said that it’s malas to have pearls in your wedding as they symbolize tears. I don’t believe in superstitions but there’s no harm following these beliefs.

Last Saturday, Dadi and I went to Bambie’s Leather Shop in Marikina and bought some materials for the invitations he’s about to make. I saw the leatherette thin ropes hanging at the back of the store and a bright idea popped in my head.

Materials used: 10 yards of bronze leatherette braided rope – 6 pesos/yard (i hinged them together using hot glue to create small loops ), white rosettes – 35/bundle, fake tiny leaves – 15 pesos per bundle, my 16-year-old glue gun, heart-shaped locket pendant from my old bracelet, and an old cross pendant, which was a gift from a friend years ago.

Fairy woodland wedding cord