Fairy Woodland Post Nup Shoot with Redscale Studios

We had a free post nup shoot with CJ and Jeff of Redscale Studios last May 20, 2013. Berny Tia of Stylemebeautiful recreated my look during my wedding. I was so happy that I could still fit in my gown 4 months after my wedding. Haha!

Fairy Princess and the Warrior King

Fairy Princess and the Warrior King

Some behind-the-scene shots, courtesy of my sister, bridesmaid and DIY-crafts enthusiast, Janine.

Before Ever After: Prenup Photos

We had our prenup shoot some time in December 2012 where everything started….at UP Diliman.

Theater, classroom, library books, sunken garden, UP, taho. XD

Special thanks to:
– Cj Cariola of Redscale Studios for the awesome and nakakasakit-ng-ulo-sa-kakatawa shoot
– Berny Tia of style me Beautiful for the hair and makeup (and taking care of me until the day of my wedding, and even after the wedding during the postnup shoot)
– bridesmaid Daisy Dalina for being my pretty PA, stylist, tagapaypay and tagabili ng tubig
– Ria Zablan of Redscale Studios for lending me her malakas-na-makapornstar eye glasses na may mataas na grado (hehe)
– Manong from the College of Mass Communication for allowing us to hold the shoot in their ‘teatro’ for…wait for it.. for free!
– UP SLIS Library for letting us disturb their silence that afternoon
– SLIS students and tambay who willingly took part and became extras in our shoot. Your acting was superb! Thank you! 🙂

Awesome Wedding Suppliers

This is a loooong overdue post.
Here’s the list of our awesome wedding suppliers who helped us make our fairytale dream wedding come true!

Church: Mary Immaculate Parish – Nature’s Church in Las Pinas
Peso Power: PHP 9, 600 (without priest, simple floral arrangement) and additional PHP 3, 800 for the flowers upgrade (asters along the church’s aisle) and entrance arch with asters
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Comments: Dadi fell in love at first sight with the church in 2010. It was the groom (and not the bride) who had the “this is it feeling.” Hahaha. Two years later, he invited me to come and visit the church and it was indeed beautiful. What I don’t like is their policy on reception venue if you’re not a parishioner – giving you no other option but to hold the reception at the small area nearby (Nature’s Cafe). The mother butlers were also not friendly. But it’s a really beautiful church, nevertheless. Perfect for our fairy woodland themed-wedding.

Reception Venue and Caterer: Nature’s Cafe (just a few steps away from the church)
Peso Power: PHP 88, 825 (485 pesos/pax, suppliers’ food, table set-up, other corkage fees)
Peso Power: ★★★ (3 stars)
Comments: The reception area was so cramped and the servers were not even wearing uniforms. Some of them were just in shirts. The corkage fees were not reasonable (additional PHP 3,000 for non-accredited photographer and videographer, PHP 1, 000 for the cake, etc.) The food was great, though and the guests enjoyed it. They even described it as, “umaapaw ang food.”

Photographer: Red Scale Studios
Peso Power: PHP 28, 0000 (prenup shoot, full wedding coverage, onsite prenup photo slideshow, wedding album and a bonus free post nup shoot!)
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Comments: When we first met CJ, the owner and main photographer and graphic artist of Red Scale, we instantly clicked. May lukso ng dugo agad. He’s really professional, creative and FUNNY. Sige na nga, gwapo na rin. Naaaaks. He even gave us a free postnup shoot! Although, I’m not sure if he really does that to all his clients, or we’re just really special. Hehe. Red Scale was also the photographer of their fellow supplier, Aisle 1401’s Anna and John, when they got married months after our wedding. See, sila na ang supplier ng Top W@W (Weddings at Work) supplier! This only shows how good they are. They’re highly recommended!

Videographer: Aisle 1401
Peso Power: PHP 18, 000 (same-day-edit video + free concept shoot, full wedding coverage, cinematic wedding highlights)
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Comments: We’re just so lucky that we’re able to snag their introductory rates 5 days before they launched their new rates. And their schedule was also free on the day of our wedding. Hooraaaay! Aisle 1401 and the fairy woodland couple are really meant for each other. Hahaha. They’re also one of the 2013 W@W Top Wedding Suppliers. O di ba? We simply love this team for making us feel like celebrities acting (or pretending that we’re not acting) in front of cameras. They also captured those precious moments before and during the wedding. Their ideas and creativity are just superb! Until now, we’re still receiving raves on our SDE and wedding highlights. Panalo!

Hair and Makeup Artist: Berny Tia
Peso Power: PHP 10, 000 (airbrush makeup for the bride, free trial, additional 2 heads and free groom’s grooming)
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Comments: Berny and her husband happen to be close friends of our veil sponsors Abbie and John, who are currently based in Japan. We just discovered our “connection” when she was doing my trial hair and makeup in her studio in Ortigas last August 2012. I booked her right away and didn’t have any trials with other HMUAs anymore. She’s very nice and maalaga. I really loved my hair and makeup and everyone was telling me that I really looked like a fairy princess. Hihi. 😀 Berny even asked me the night before what color/shade my brown hair was, so I told her, and then the next day she brought with her 4 braided strands of hair in different shades of brown which she dyed the night before. She used the closest one and put it on top my head to complete my fairy-like and whimsical look. Spell EFFORT! 🙂 She also did my hair and makeup during my pre-nup and post-nup shoot, where she recreated my look on my wedding. I really love her! 🙂

Fairy Princess’ Bridal Gown and Warrior King’s Barong: Ron de Torres
Peso Power: PHP 16, 000 for the gown, PHP 5, 000 for the barong and pants
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Comments: We got to know Ron through my brother’s brother-in-law who got married last December 2012. He is a home-based (Pasig) couturier and he does all the sewing, measuring, embroidering, etc. by himself. He also made the gowns of my sister and sister-in-law for the said wedding, so I thought that he’ll be a good (and economical) choice to make my wedding gown and barong and pants of Dadi. Since I didn’t have the heart and money to spend for designer gowns and I didn’t want to go to Divisoria for cheap gowns because it’s too far, I just searched the Internet for gown designs and I sent what I chose to Ron for quotation. The price was so reasonable, so I had my measurements taken in June 2012. Dadi and Ron also brainstormed over the epic barong (with chains) he wore on our wedding. It was really a challenge for them to come up with a barong design perfect for the fairy woodland theme. He really did a great job! Two thumbs up! He also gave me the pink satin robe that I wore during wedding preps as a gift. He discreetly put it inside the gown’s box. He’s really a sweetheart.

Bridal shoes: Abbylyn
Peso Power: PHP 1, 700 (customized shoes)
Rating: ★ (1 star)
Comments: I promised myself not to become a bridezilla during the course of our wedding preps. But lo and behold, my patience was put to the test when it took Abbylyn too long to finish my shoes waaaaaaaay after their scheduled delivery. I gave them the design that I wanted (I wanted my shoes to have a chiffon flower to match my gown), but what they gave me was a totally different one. At first, the shoes were in the wrong size (one size smaller), and after 2 weeks when they delivered the new pair to my house, it didn’t have ANY design AT ALL. What made it worse was that the flowers that they wanted to put on it looked like the huge ones being used as ponytails or for luau parties. They insisted on putting a brooch instead. Whenever I made calls to follow up on the status of my shoes, they usually did not answer my calls. I got so stressed out. So, finally I got my shoes (with brooches and not flowers anymore) and used them on my wedding. They’re comfortable and nice looking, in all fairness. The pair also matched my DIY-ed brooch bouquet. I thought everything was perfect but I noticed that after the reception, the brooch on my right shoe was missing! Good thing that the wedding was over, pero sayang!

Groom’s shoes: Rajo Laurel for Milanos
Peso Power: PHP 1, 800
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Comments: Dadi really loved his shoes. The design was perfect for his barong and it really made him look like a “fasyon” warrior king. Why fasyon? The sales attendant told us that minutes before we came in to the department store (SM North), John “Sweet” Lapus, bought a pair exactly the same as his. So, pareho sila ng taste, ganown? Hehe. 😀

Mothers’ and Entourage gowns: Gina Bruce
Peso Power: PHP 1, 500- 1, 800 per gown, PHP 600- 800 for each of the flower girls’ Tinkerbell-inspired short gowns, and PHP 600 for each of the bearers’ pants and vest (labor and fabric included)
Rating: ★★★★ (4 stars)
Comments: I first met Gina when I and my sister were taking a quick trip to Marikina Public Market Dry section to scout for someone who could make a short gown for me as I was a cord sponsor of my college friend who got married last August 2012. I liked her because I saw the sample gowns displayed on her stall were nice and quite stylish, unlike the usual gowns you used to be seeing in marketplaces like this. Her prices were so close to the prices in Divisoria, so I decided to get her. The rating could have been 5 stars if not because of her habitual late deliveries and poor scheduling. I would understand if she had many weddings that time, but the entourage already had their measurements as early as the first week of October, and she promised to have the first fitting a month after. My mother, sister and some of the entourage only got their gowns a few days before the wedding. Good thing that the gowns, including the flower girls’ and bearers’ vests and pants were really nice. I’d still recommend Gina especially if you’re on a budget.

Little Fairies/Flower Girls’ glittery shoes: SM Sugar Kids Shoes
Peso Power: PHP 300/pair
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Comments: I wanted my little Tinkerbells/flower girls to wear short shimmery, bright green gowns, white stockings and identical glittery silver baby doll shoes. Thank God, I have nieces who frequently buy shoes from Sugar Kids, so I knew where to buy cute, yet cheap shoes. I asked the moms of our flower girls to give us their shoe sizes. We got the shoes from SM North and SM Masinag. Until now, our flower girls are still using and wearing these shoes in other occasions. 🙂

Lights and Sounds: DJ Skoolboy
Peso Power: PHP 4000 + PHP 300 for the additional smoke machine for the couple’s entrance
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Comments: Allan, aka DJ Skoolboy, is a good friend of Dadi’s. He’s also a yoyo-enthusiast like Dadi, and his business (lights and sounds) is actually based in Antipolo. He travelled from east to south and braved the traffic! This proves what real friendship can do. Thank you so much, DJ Skoolboy!

Wedding cupcake tower: Sweet Story Bakeshop
Peso Power: PHP 2, 800 (free delivery)
Rating: ★★ (2 stars)
Comments: I got to know about Sweet Story Bakeshop through sulit.com and Facebook. I was looking for a cake supplier within Las Pinas area, with free delivery. Wedding cake was not really our priority and we wanted something different from the traditional cake slicing ceremony. We decided to have a cupcake tower. The owner’s mom (whom we had the transaction with) was really pleasant and we gave her the copy of the design we wanted as well as the DIY-ed topper (Hello Kitty fairy princess and Baby Milo warrior king). Unfortunately, on the day itself, when we saw the cupcakes, they didn’t follow the design we gave them. We originally wanted the cupcakes to look like grasses and toadstools. What they gave us were just grass-looking cupcakes and cupcakes with red icing and tiny gold bits on top- far from the toadstools and photo that we gave them. The topper was also in the wrong place. I couldn’t remember how the cupcakes tasted like, but my sister said that it was just so-so. Anyway, what I liked about this supplier is that the transaction was hassle-free and the price was so cheap plus it’s free delivery within Las Pinas area.

Photobooth: Red Berries
Peso Power: PHP 4, 500 (for 3 hours, with customized background)
Rating: ★★★ (3 stars)
Comments: Another hassle-free transaction. The owner coordinated with me the design to be used for the backdrop and the customized layout (done by Dadi) for the photos. The only problem was the time allotted during the wedding. There was a miscommunication between them and one of the coordinators who suggested them to be my supplier and who initially told them the time of the wedding. The staff of the Red Berries were already at the reception area by 4 PM, which was the start of the actual ceremony. Obviously, no one would have their photos taken. For almost 2 hours, they were just there and the meter was ticking. My sister and the coordinators immediately asked the guests to have their photos taken downstairs. In short, the photobooth was not maximized. However, I appreciated that they extended for 30 minutes because we, the newlyweds, still did not have photobooth photos that time.

Bridal Car: Zandel’s mini cooper
Peso Power: PHP 7, 000 (for 3 hours, with flowers and car plate “Just Married”
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Comments: Super hassle-free. I never had the chance to meet the owner of Zandel’s mini-cooper. I just learned about them from fellow brides at Girltalk (Femalenetwork). Bridal car was not in my priority list, because the reception area was just a few steps away from the church. However at the back of my mind, I didn’t like the idea of having a normal car for my themed wedding. Yes, it’s a themed wedding so might as well have something that was in line with our theme. Since we couldn’t get a carriage or a horse, and my wings were fake which made it impossible for me to fly, I chose this tiny and cute cute cute mini cooper. We just deposited our downpayment via BPI, and gave the remaining balance to Manong Driver, who arrived at Parque Espana at 1 PM! So early! 🙂

On-the-Day Wedding Coordination: EC Weddings
Peso Power: Free
Rating: ★★★ (3 stars)
Comments: Ela of ECWeddings sent me a personal message at Girltalk and she offered their on-the-day coordination services for FREE. I agreed, of course. They are very friendly and helpful. On the day of the wedding, there were some glitches maybe because they were understaffed. There was a family emergency that’s why one of the main coordinators wasn’t there, which I and Dadi completely understood. The remaining coordinator brought with her two more girls to help her (one was a newbie). However, some DIY stuff that were supposed to be used (wooden pens for signing, candies and sweets to be put on the candy buffet, and other souvenirs), were either forgotten or couldn’t be found where they were despite the instructions given to them and the huge labels we put on the boxes of our DIY stuff and supplies. So, we had a candy buffet without candies, but the cookies found their place in the buffet and the guests enjoyed them. We’re still lucky and blessed because these glitches were not noticeable and my sister was there to direct and help the coordinators. I saw how tired they were during and especially after the wedding. I knew it was also difficult for them and they’re just starting in this business. I still wish them the best. 🙂

Wedding Rings: Mayfair Jewelry
Peso Power: PHP 15, 000 for a pair of 14k white gold wedding bands, Dadi’s ring is plain and mine has five tiny diamonds. The rings were actually a gift from Dadi’s mom
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Comments: We love our rings. The price is really reasonable, knowing that this shop is a legitimate one.

Hotel for preps: Parque Espana
Peso Power: around PHP 5, 800 for 3-bedroom suite, with breakfast. We rented 2 suites (1 night and the other was for 2 nights) and another 1-bedroom suite (for 1 night after the wedding). Paid around PHP 15, 000
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Comments: The place is really spacious, clean, well-maintained and the services are excellent. If I’m not mistaken, our rates were discounted because they gave us the bridal rates. We loved the breakfast buffet, too. They also shared our same-day-edit in their FB page, because there were shots taken in their lobby. We’ll definitely come back, maybe on our first anniversary? 🙂

Souvenirs for the Principal Sponsors: Surat Journals
Peso Power: PHP 750 per journal (but the owner and maker of Surat Journals made these journals for free as a wedding gift)
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Comments: Surat Journals are handmade leather journals made by my good friend and cord sponsor, Kenneth. He personalized the recycled brown pages of the journals with our monogram. He is now also joining bazaars in Dubai where he sells his unique journals, and they’re always sold out! He accepts international orders and from what I’ve heard from him, there are already couples from other countries sending orders for their weddings. You gotta check the journals out! 🙂

Wedding DIYs

It’s already been a month since our fairy tale wedding. I’m now Mrs. C! I haven’t officially changed my name and IDs, though. I’m not yet ready for the grueling process of changing all my documents, especially those involving transactions with government agencies. Oh wait, I’m a government employee! So for now and the next couple of months, I’ll still be Ms. B / Prof. B. And Mr. C / Prof. C is cool with it.

As what I was always saying, our wedding was like a big art project – with all these DIYs, crafts and whimsical, fairy woodland ideas. Anyway, here’s just a summary of all our wedding DIYs:

Storybook Invitation
Done by Dadi! :)

Done by Dadi! 🙂

*Photo courtesy of Merky Cruz

*Photo courtesy of Merky Cruz

Ring and Arrhae Bed

Trivia: Guess what coins we used as arrhae? Answer: Tom's World Tokens (and some other random arcade tokens, like Glicos). Just because Dadi and I love going to arcades! Surprise, surprise!!! :)

Trivia 1: Guess what coins we used as arrhae?
Answer: Tom’s World Tokens (and some other random arcade tokens, like Glicos). Just because Dadi and I love going to arcades!
Trivia 2: Guess what dummy rings we used during the wedding?
Answer: The old replica of “my precioooous” ring of Lord of the Rings Dadi has kept for more or less 10 years already. He gave me the smaller ring, which perfectly fit me (he kept the bigger one since he has two) when we started dating in 2010.
Surprise, surprise!!! 🙂


Bride’s Brooch Bouquet
bride's bouquetbride's bouquet2
Bride’s headdress
bride's headdress
Bride’s Wings
white, shimmery, iridescent wings

white, shimmery, iridescent wings

*Photo courtesy of Yhna Santos

*Photo courtesy of Yhna Santos

Flower wands and bouquets for the female entourage, principal sponsors and moms
female entourage's flower wands

female entourage’s flower wands

female principal sponsor's bouquets

female principal sponsors’ bouquets

mothers' bouquets

mothers’ bouquets

nanay's bouquet

My Mother (carrying her bouquet) and her sisters

Dadi's mom and sis, Tanya

Dadi’s mom and sis, Tanya

Flower wreath headdresses and wings for the female secondary sponsors and flower girls
female entourage's hair wreathflower girls' hair wreath

*Photo courtesy of Grace Tabiendo

*Photo courtesy of Grace Tabiendo

Fairy bridesmaid and fairy maid of honor *Photo courtesy of Dojo Tia (hubby of Berny Tia, our wedding's official hair and makeup artist)

Fairy bridesmaid and fairy maid of honor
*Photo courtesy of Dojo Tia (hubby of Berny Tia, our wedding’s official hair and makeup artist)

*Photo courtesy of Nap Apolinario

*Photo courtesy of Nap Apolinario

*Photo courtesy of Nap Apolinario

*Photo courtesy of Nap Apolinario

Flower Girls’ Wands and Baskets
wands and baskets

Baskets done by Maid of Honor Jefel

‘Here Comes the Bride’ Sign
*Photo courtesy of Dojo Tia (hubby of HMUA Berny Tia)

*Photo courtesy of Dojo Tia (hubby of HMUA Berny Tia)

*Photo courtesy of Nap Apolinario

*Photo courtesy of Nap Apolinario

‘Happily Ever After Starts Here’ Sign
*Photo courtesy of Nap Apolinario

*Photo courtesy of Nap Apolinario

*Photo courtesy of Nap Apolinario

*Photo courtesy of Nap Apolinario

Grabbed the photo from Carina.  Thanks, Cars! :)

Grabbed the photo from Carina.
Thanks, Cars! 🙂

Table Centerpieces (baskets for photo-dedication – in lieu of guest book, wine bottles as table numbers, photo frames, mason jars with flowers)
where the 2x3-sized couple photos were placed

where the 2×3-sized couple photos were placed

mason jars with flowers

mason jars with flowers

Table numbers DIY'ed by our good friend, Merky Cruz. *Photo courtesy of Merky

Table numbers DIY’ed by our good friend, Merky Cruz.
*Photo courtesy of Merky

table no. bottle

*Photo courtesy of Grace Tabiendo

*Photo courtesy of Grace Tabiendo

Shot glass (for the ceremonial toast and one of the souvenirs for our guests) with Dadi’s very own concoction, “Igor Mix.”
*Photo courtesy of Yhna Santos

*Photo courtesy of Yhna Santos

with butterfly cookie

shot glass, DIY photo frame, and butterfly cookie souvenir

Cake topper – Fairy Princess Hello Kitty and Warrior King Baby Milo!
This topper recreated one of the scenes in our SDE! :D

This topper recreated one of the scenes in our Same-Day Edit Wedding Video! 😀 It was done by Jona, a friend of my sister-bridesmaid Janine. Janine also did the forest topper base.

*Photo courtesy of Dan Dorado

*Photo courtesy of Dan Dorado

Hanging Butterflies
hanging butterflies

I got this idea from my highschool bff, Kenneth Surat, in a wedding he personally designed and styled in Dubai. He and my other high school bffs also helped in setting up these butterfly curtains at the reception area hours before the wedding.
Thanks also to my and Dadi’s students/UPLISSA for making all these butterfly cut outs!

*Photo courtesy of Grace Gonzales

*Photo courtesy of Grace Gonzales

*Photo courtesy of Grace Gonzales

*Photo courtesy of Grace Gonzales

Souvenirs for the Principal Sponsors – Surat Journals
Kenneth Surat of Surat Journals lovingly crafted these for us!

My bff since high school, Ken Surat, made these for us! Thank you so much! <3

Personalized leather journals. Simply perfect! Thank you so much! <3

Photobooth Lay-Out
Lay-out done by Dadi! :)  Photobooth supplier: Redberries Studio

Lay-out done by Dadi! 🙂
Photobooth supplier: Redberries Photo Booth

Mami and Dadi’s Timeline – My Favorite DIY done by Dadi
Trivia No. 3: Dadi had kept  ALL the receipts, tickets, photos, etc. of our dates, eat outs, concerts and movies we watched, as well as those tiny notes/reminders/post-its I gave him, etc. He even has a separate storage container for those! This really surprised me! Grabe lang. :D

Trivia No. 3: Dadi has kept ALL the receipts, tickets, photos, etc. of our dates, out of town travels, eat outs, concerts and movies we watched, as well as those tiny notes/reminders/post-its I gave him (kahit patawa na yun iba), etc. He even has a separate storage container for those! This really surprised me! Grabe lang. Ilang years na pag-collect din yun! 😀

Janette + Dave

After seven years of being together, my good friends from college, Janette and Dave, finally tied the knot last August 31. I remember that Janette and I were already planning for her wedding even before Dave proposed. So, we’re just too ecstatic when Dave finally did.

The wedding ceremony was held at Sta. Rita de Cascia Church and the reception followed at The Village Patio, UP Village.

Congratulations and best wishes to Janette and Dave! Love you guys! 🙂

Thanks to Berny Tia for my hair and makeup. 🙂

Step 10: Trial Hair and Make Up with Berny Tia

I had my first ever trial hair and make up with Berny Tia. I discovered her through Girltalk and Weddings at Work. Our schedule was last August 31 in her studio in Ortigas at 10 AM, a few hours before my college friend’s wedding where I was the cord sponsor and host during reception. O di ba, career ang role ko? Hence, career din dapat ang hair and makeup para hindi sayang. 😀

Berny was really nice, friendly and undeniably talented. She’s really ma-chicka and told me that she’s also a mountaineer and she has mountaineer friends from the same school/course as mine (and also Dadi’s). We all got surprised when we found out that the mountaineer friends she’s referring to are Abbie and John, who are now based in Japan. She’s megafriends with them and too bad they weren’t able to meet up before they left again for Japan. Anyway, they’ll see each other again soon because Abbie and John will be our cord sponsors. *insert It’s a small world after all…. song here*

Photo courtesy of Dadi 😀

I love Ms. Berny! 🙂 Because of the obvious chemistry I had with her (hehe), we booked her on the spot. We’ll see her again on our prenup shoot, which I still don’t know when. Hopefully we’ll have it by November.