Nice Surprise

Mami and Dadi found their way to SM Masinag to watch Conan the Barbarian. Too bad they weren’t showing it there. We decided to look around instead.I bought an 801 Driptip for my Tank FX from VapeCo.

We also saw a Cars 2 promo using a real car, A Ninoy Tribute Exhibit, and Hello Kitty Eyeglasses at Executive Optical. Then we ate healthy at Bodhi.

As we were buying Iana’s birthday gift, we bumped into my old collegemates Jon and Abie. They treated us to coffee at Petite’s house.

Thanks for the One Piece and Naruto bandanas and instant Miso pasalubong guys! Have a safe trip back to Japan!


The evolution of my e-cigarettes.

From left to right, foreground 510 thread e-cig batteries: 1000mah Ego-T stainless passthrough with 510 Tank FX and anodized driptip, 1000mah Janty Ego (laptop skinned) with 510 LR and chrome straight driptip, 2 x 1000mah Janty Ego (laptop skinned) with 510 LR and black plastic driptip, and old 650mah Eastmall Riva (laptop skinned) with 510 LR and chrome straight driptip. Background 10 ml e-juices: Glycerine, Holy Smoke Menthol Low, Holy Smoke Bubblegum Low, Green Puff Menthol Med, Heaven’s Gifts menthol 11mg.

My regular 510s from last year are all dead.