Life is like ice cream

I’ve been so stressed out for the past weeks. I could only sleep for a few hours, my mind is always actively running, I’m breaking out so bad and I feel restless all the time. All along I thought I’ve already mastered the art of beating up stress. But, no. Thank God I have my Dadi, good friends, good food and ice cream. Yeah, ice cream!

This Sunday, I was in the office for the board exam’s review. I’m the Course Director for this year so I have to be there during Sundays. One of my closest friends back in college paid a visit, since we haven’t seen each other for almost a year now. The night before, her boyfriend for 6 (or 7 years), finally proposed to her during an org’s event. Too bad I missed that episode in her life. I remember that we started planning her wedding though her boyfriend (now her fiance), had not shown any sign that he would be proposing to her soon. Girls love to assume, right? Hahaha.

Me and Janette (who's showing off her engagement ring ^_^)

The ring
When we’re about to go home, we decided to “ambush” another super close friend of ours (who has been hibernating for quite some time) and asked/forced him to meet us and have ice cream near my house.

Three little pigs who love ice cream *oink*

The three of us had too much to talk about and we consumed lots of ice cream, pizza and cappuccino (not in the photo) without noticing it. It was still raining outside then due to typhoon Mina, but nothing could stop us from pigging out. We’re happy for Janette’s engagement, stressed out from work and other stuff and… crazy happy to see each other again.