Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitations are now out. The concept of “old book of fairy tales” took on a Surat Journal-esque twist in honor of one of our secondary sponsors (yup, he makes those journals KC Concepcion mentioned over on twitter and instagram).

The whole project was drawn using a CDR-King graphics tablet. Sadly, my old Wacom Graphire4 broke down before I got to use it for the invitations. For programs I used Paint.NET, ArtRage 2, and a lot of MyPaint for the stylized kitsch-type digital drawing and painting.

After printing a couple of mock-ups on a Canon Pixma printer, Mami and I decided to have them printed at ALVA Photocopying and Printing Stall (a shop in the UP Shopping Center) instead since it would cost too much ink-wise if we printed it ourselves. The after a sleepless night of cutting up Marikina leather, stapling and sewing… The invitations are done.

Quite a long process but it was worth it.