ONE! Bulilit and Bakulaw’s First Wedding Anniversary

Exactly a year ago, I received an amazing gift from God. This gift is a lovely daily reminder how blessed and lucky I am. Finally, there’s someone who is able to put up with all my quirks, weirdness and sometimes lame (or too much) humor and lines. Thank you for being a domesticated husband and for always thinking that I am cute even without my make up on or well-combed hair. Happy first year wedding anniversary, my poging Dadi/Ser Chef. I love you more than Adam Lambert and Daniel Matsunaga and I’m sure you know that already. I love you so much!

Photos from Redscale StudiosDadi is still down with fever. Yes, on the day of our wedding anniversary. We had to cancel our plans for today and re-book our hotel reservation. Hope he gets better tomorrow.

Cheers everyone! Stay happy and in love! 🙂