Isang araw… Bago magka-lantahan… Binulabog namin ang mga sunflowers sa University Avenue… Awa ng Diyos walang sumulpot na Zombie. (And yes, pinagalitan kami ni Manong Guard dahil akala nya totoong namitas kami ng sunflowers.) XD
Maraming salamat kay Rhea Apolinario at Nap Apolinario ng NAP (Nap Apolinario Photography) XD
(*Note 1: No sunflowers were harmed in this pre-nup.)
(*Note 2: Nap used to cover weddings before his current job took him away from the wedding scene. Thank you for coming out of semi-retirement to shoot us with sunflowers. XD)



Isko Iska Prenup Part 1: Behind the Scenes

This was a DIY/no permit/guerilla photoshoot that only lasted for around 2 hours. In short, takas. We decided to have a UP-themed prenup and we used giant fake sunflowers as props. The guard even thought that the sunflowers were real. Na-Wow Mali siya. Hehe.

Thank you, Rhea and Nap Apolinario! 🙂